USA Trade Show Partner

For many sectors of industry Trade Shows are the best way for companies to generate new business.   Unfortunately, for many companies looking to develop a customer base in the USA, attending or exhibiting their products and/or services at them is prohibitively expensive.   To minimize costs without sacrificing an effective presence we are developing unique services.

We work directly with a company's staff to have a virtual (remote) presence at the show.   This is easily accomplished using multimedia teleconferencing over the Internet.   The least costly way that we can provide a Virtual Presence at a Trade Show is to act as a "
surrogate".   We have notebook PCs with us
on the Trade Show Floor, and can be in real time communication with the client's staff throughout the show.

If you are considering exhibiting at a Trade Show the
Trade Fair Guideline can help bring it fruition.

For further information or to arrange for a Trade Show Partner please email or call Greg Pettengill at (321)269-7587, where the current time is.

Florida, USA

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